NF UNIT P1 Day 6

Day 6

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Poem A Day:

None- wasn’t feeling inspired… still can’t think of anything… AGAIN. (gotta say, I secretly love how much the kids want poems, and how disappointed they are when I don’t come up with one).


Today is another revision day. This time, the objective is: Students will revise drafts for structure and organization. Again we used this checklist. This time, students focused on the “Structure” section.

Again, they summarized in bullets on the left side of their checklists. And I distributed a second draft of my essay.  I made clear how my draft changed by highlighting everything I changed or added to develop my ideas more (as they were to do last class). We read it together and decided that it was poorly organized and lacked transitions.

Active Engagement:

Students got into pairs and I gave each pair scissors, a glue stick and blank paper. They had to decide how to reorganize my essay by literally cutting it up and pasting it in a new order. They also had markers to write in transition phrases.

The kids had fun with this one.

After the students were done (this took about 40 minutes) I revealed my third draft, and talked about why I chose to organize it the way I did. I also told them I would revise it a final time before I was done.


We reviewed this doc to recap the work students have done so far. Students were directed to revise their essays one final time paying attention to organization and structure. This was the end of the week and their final drafts were due Monday.

NF UNIT P1 Day 5

Day 5

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Poem A Day:

None- wasn’t feeling inspired… still can’t think of anything…


Students came to class today with a draft of their nonfiction analysis.

The objective was for students to evaluate their drafts for “development of ideas” and clarity.

We began today by looking at this checklist.

In pairs, they read through the “Development” section of the checklist and on the left hand side, wrote bullet points of the most important info on the checklist (so that they understood it).

I wrote a draft of an analysis of the model text about Euphemisms. I printed it out and handed copies to the students. As a class we read my first draft (which I wrote in about an hour).  I asked students to get into pairs and underline all the thoughts in the essay that were mine, and to circle all of the thoughts that came from the article I was analyzing (that is why there is so much underlined text in the draft).

Students noticed right away that I did not simply summarize the ideas of the mentor text’s author. I had my own ideas based on what I learned in his article. This was visual for them and got that point across.

Next, students used the development section of the checklist to assess my paper.

Then, as a class, students called out suggestions that I could use to make develop my ideas more. Those suggestions are present in this doc. 

Active Engagement:

Students got out their own drafts and did the same activities with their own work. Then got onto Chromebooks to revise their drafts for development of ideas.


I reviewed the expectations for their second drafts and reminded students that they are due next class.