I used this poem-a-day for my A day classes as I had an extra day with them this unit due to scheduling. I showed them the video and then told them all the connections I saw to the novel TKAMB. You can read those here-  I wanted to review themes and symbols in the novel and also review making connections.  Students used the rest of the class period to work on their final projects.


A day and B day:

This song is a wonderful way to end the unit- it was a suggestion from a student. It connects very well to the novel and is a 2017 coming-of-age/loss of innocence experience, where some similar lessons are learned through Scout’s coming of age story in TKAMB.


Today’s objective: Students will apply their understanding of the themes in To Kill a Mockingbird by connecting those themes to current media. We reviewed the connections we have been making.

Today we also got prepared for a Socratic Seminar which will serve as the unit test. I explained what a seminar is, what the goals are, how it would run, and put them into partners. Partners were asked to write three questions to prepare for the seminar which will happen next class.

Active Engagement

Students populated this padlet. It is so visually stimulating, its ridiculous. This was a huge hit- students were only asked the following:

Post a Picture, Video, Poem, Article, Song that connects to TKAM. Explain your connection.


Check out their answers- you will be impressed.

Students can comment on each other’s work, and I am having all 75 freshmen from all of my classes collaborate on this padlet. SO FUN!


I reminded students about all the tons of stuff going on right now- (ADJUSTED FOR SNOW DAY 12/14).


Final Projects due MONDAY 12/18

SEMINAR Questions due and also SEMINAR IS 12/18

Padlet entries due Monday 12/18


Final Projects due TUESDAY 12/19

SEMINAR Questions due and also SEMINAR IS TUESDAY 12/19

Padlet entries due Tuesday 12/19





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