Poem A Day:

This song comes off of an album by Arcade Fire called The Suburbs. The entire album is fitting, and it was hard to choose just one song. I chose this one because the music video is pretty cool and captures the same themes as American Born Chinese, and central to this unit about being yourself, in its own weird way. Also, the lyrics capture life in the suburbs.


Today we finished reading American Born Chinese. Then I asked students to get into groups of three-four and go through the book again, from start to finish, trying to find all of the literary elements Yang used to deliver his theme of being true to yourself.

Active Engagement:

This book uses a lot of neat strategies for delivering this theme, and they are pretty heavy-handed and obvious., I think students will feel another boost of confidence as they are able to easily identify some symbols and plot structure techniques and discuss how these come together to teach a lesson.


Share out responses and I record their observations. Of course, I will post those here once they happen.



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