Poem A Day:

This is a perfect song for kicking of a unit about staying true to who you are and what you believe. The students loved the lyrics and it kind of blew their mind despite its simplicity.


We defined the term “suburbs” and I checked their prior knowledge. We got on the same page about what the suburbs are like

Active Engagement:


Today we read the first 163 pages together, out loud, of Gene Luen Yang’s American Born Chinese. Students found the book to be hilarious, and to make them feel really uncomfortable about how hilarious they found it. We just read today- the book is wildly entertaining, and students were bummed when we ran out of time.


I asked students to finish the sentence in their notebooks:

So far, I think the main theme of this book will be

Students nailed this on the head and it was cool to see how confident they were in their ability to find themes after writing their Macbeth essays and also reflecting on their growth this year.


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