Poem A Day:

This song was chosen by a student for the way it captures a lot of moments in the Tragedy Macbeth.


Today was the Socratic Seminar. I am COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY BY THE THOUGHTS AND IDEAS TO EMERGE FROM THIS DAY. I am posting the notes that I typed as students were talking. I did not engage- I asked two questions based on things students were saying, but 98% of what is typed was spoken by students. Please read through these amazing insights from freshmen students about this great play. Each class had such different seminars. They had different ideas, and different comfort levels. It was a truly rewarding experience for me to see them think, grapple, and show how far their ideas have evolved over the course of the year.

Active Engagement:

Here is one sample of the questions students came prepared with today:

Notes from class one- B2

Notes from class two- B3

Notes from class three- B4


Students filled out this reflection. Here are some samples of their responses:

Additionally, I made a copy of the seminar notes, and posted it on Google Classroom giving each student in the class permission to edit the one doc. Then, I gave students the opportunity to add their thoughts or ideas to the sheet- as many of them did not get to speak, or have time to speak. Each seminar lasted an hour, but we still had so much to add afterward. I will post those in about a week after students have had time to contribute. (some already are contributing even though this isn’t due until next week!) One student said today, “Ms. Minto, you got us to talk for an entire hour about a book! and we enjoyed it!” heh, heh, heh. Mission accomplished.



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