Poem A Day:

Today, I had students take out their copy of Death Cab for Cutie’s “Marching Bands of Manhattan.” If students did not have a copy, I had one for them with (no e.c.) at the top. Students had a quiz today, wherein they had to respond to this prompt:

How can you connect this song to Macbeth? What similar themes do they share? Use specific details from the play and lines from the song in your response. If they had their original copy of the lyrics, I gave them 1 extra credit point for the quiz.


Today we read the essay “Macbeth: A Modern Perspective” by Susan Snyder. We discussed some of her ideas and also her way of expressing those ideas. This was to get students prepared to write their essays.


Active Engagement:

Students got onto chromebooks and began working on their theme essays. I conferenced one-on-one with each student to see what their topic was about. This was the first time ever that every single student had ideas and knew what to write about.


I reviewed my expectations and reminded students to prepare for the next class’s test.


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