Poem A Day:


Today I had two poems- they are two songs that play one right after the other on the new Gorillaz album. The lyrics for both songs are perfect for the scene we read today, and also, the tone of the songs (particularly “Charger”) sets the mood for the scene reading.


Students walked in to a transformed room today. I moved all of their desks, so as to make something akin to a banquet table. I covered the desks with a tablecloth (or several) and put a chair at each head of the giant, long table. It looked something like this:

(I took these pictures four years ago, the last time I taught this lesson at Newtown High School 2013).

It was rad and the students loved it- it really helps to visualize the scene as it can be very confusing to read Act III sc. 4 of the play.

We started today with a banquet and read through Act III scene 4 when Banquo’s ghost came to haunt Macbeth.

Active Engagement:

Students acted the play out and engaged in discussions as we went along.

We read through all of Act IV today- we acted it out, and I summarized sections of lesser importance.


Students asked clarifying questions, and we recapped how the major characters have developed so far.


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