Poem A Day:


I teach in Connecticut. And, although this winter was not as brutal as ones I have experienced here in the past, it is still a big deal that today it is 79 degrees outside! It has been a cold, rainy April and Spring has kept its distance, only dragging out our longing for summer’s warmth.

Today is also 4/28. For a plethora of reasons, four hundred and twenty eight has always been my favorite number. Since I was a kid.

To top it all off, it is the culmination of our poetry week- so at the end of the day, I am taking my class to see a school-wide poetry slam of original, student poetry! How exciting!

So, today we are going to have fun!

Active Engagement:

I am taking the kids outside, to enjoy the glory of the day. We will begin Act II and the kids can run around and act things out. We finished Act II this way.

It is nice to be a mom of three boys, because I have endless toy swords at my disposal. I brought one in today to act as the dagger Macbeth sees at the end of Act II scene i.


Students will be bringing their books (the play) their notebooks and a pen outside. Toward the end of class, students will reflect in their notebooks.

Why does Shakespeare write Duncan’s murder off stage?

Who is more practical after the killing, Macbeth or his wife? Can you think of reasons for this?



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