Poem A Day:

These lyrics are so great for today’s lesson, that this is another one that we will listen to again at the end of the class.


Today we started out by acting out the very quick and small scene 6 in Act 1.

Then, when we got to Act 7, I gave the students this close reading activity.

We went through together as a class and filled the boxes on the right with all the reasons Macbeth is giving for NOT WANTING TO KILL DUNCAN.

Then, I ask students what they think he will do-

Naturally, they say “He won’t do it.”

Active Engagement:

Next, I ask them how many times Macbeth says the words “kill” or “murder.” They look over the passage, and notice that he says it ZERO times.

So, I gave them a competition (nothing kids love more lol).

Find as many euphemisms for Murder as you can- the most wins. The most any student found was 16. That is a lot!

Then, I read the passage aloud again, and had the students say “murder” aloud every time I read a euphemism. This is too fun. Basically, it sounds like kids saying murder, en masse, over and over again. Some euphemisms include: “taking off” “the deed” etc.

Then we discussed the difference between what he says and the way he says it- or how his word choice reveals his true desires.


For poetry week, students made found poems from the Macbeth text.

FullSizeRender (1).jpgWe also listened to Rhianna’s “Disturbia” again, and it blew their minds- students saw the song in a whole new light following this lesson.





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