Poem A Day:

For today’s class, I am the poem a day.

So this one is not for everyone- lol. But if you are into drama, then this lesson is for you!

I never wear makeup. It’s a thing. No one talks about it. No one notices. But, when you put a bunch of dark lipstick and eyeliner on, kids notice.

My students walked into a creepy world today. I was sitting in the middle of the room, on a chair, in full costume. This was playing on my smartboard in the background.

The students, were super creeped out and excited! I cannot tell you how much fun it was to see their reactions. They said things like:

Oh my god!

What is happening!?

Ms. Minto is ridiculous

This is my life.

English class is my life

This is the best day ever

I, personally, love to get a rise out of students, who can be a dangerous mix of lethargic and cynical these days.

Once the bell rang, and the song on the smartboard ended, I arranged for a student from another class to enter the room, and hand me a letter. He told me it was a letter from Macbeth.

The students got quiet.

And I read Macbeth’s letter aloud.

And then, I performed Lady Macbeth’s monologue from Act I scene 5 from memory.


We reviewed the action of the play up until scene 5. Then students tried to figure out what just happened in front of them.

Active Engagement:

I gave students this handout which asks them to attempt to decode the scene I performed for them. I had them work in partners to write the gist of each chunk of text.

Then as a class, we went through together to piece it all together.

Then we watched three different film interpretations of this scene of Lady Macbeth.


It is poetry week at our school, so for that, students wrote haikus about Lady Macbeth. They captured her well, which leads me to believe they “got it”.


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