NF UNIT P2 Day 10

Day 10

Poem A Day:

None- Students need class time to work on their projects- We will have no access to devices for the next class session due to school–wide testing.


Today’s objective is: Students will create original pieces of nonfiction in order to teach others what they know to be true.

Today, I showed students my progress on my Ted Talk inspired by Zeitoun. Model, model, model. But also give lots of techniques and strategies for doing things.

I told them that I started putting the project together the other day when I finally got an idea of what I wanted the point of my ted talk to be. But, it came to me when I was driving to work. So, I got out my iphone and recorded a voice note. Here is that voice note. Will I use that? Some of it? All of it? I do not know. But it got me thinking. 

So I started writing ideas in this google doc.  My ideas were all over the place.

So I started making this coggle. And then my ideas really got flowing.

Active Engagement:

Students worked in the computer lab today on their projects. Rough drafts are due next class.


Recap/answer any questions.


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