NF UNIT P2 Day 8

Poem A Day:

Today I chose a poem that connected to the research I am doing for my “model project”. I want the students to see that research does not have to be “boring”. It can actually be something that seasons and enriches your life and your understanding of people or the world or yourself. So, I described how this song reminds me of the things I am learning in my research about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.


Today’s objective is: Students will find four outside sources about their chosen topic and create MLA citations for those sources. I had a chromebook cart in my room for this one. 

I told students that today they would be finding new sources of information about their topics. I reminded them about nonfiction, and its limitations- to emphasize the importance to consulting more than one source for information.

I had students get onto google classroom and open this document that I shared with each of them (each student has their own copy to type into).

I also had the same document open on my screen and the smartboard. I clicked on the purdue owl link at the top and showed them how to find the citation types they may need.

***side note*** I taught these freshmen last year when they were in 8th grade and I taught at the middle school. I know exactly how they were taught to do citations – and they are consistently making the following mistake:

They go to easy bib, or they use the extension on google docs, but they do not manually enter any information, so their citations end up inaccurate and lacking information.

So, today we talked about that- and how to fix it. I gave them a few samples on the doc I shared with them. I showed them where I found the information for the citation for one of my sources.

We also talked about taking notes, and keeping them organized, so that you know where your information comes from when you go to compile your project.

Finally, we reviewed in-text citations, and I encouraged them to make them as they recorded notes.

I also shared this document with students- this is my model for them.  I opened the doc and had it up all day as I worked on finding sources for my project, creating citations, and taking notes. As I worked, they also worked on their own research.


Active Engagement

Students barely looked up from their screens. They did research. I fielded their issues as they arose- as they tend to. 😉


I told students I wanted a works cited page of 5 sources including their books by our next class.



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