NF UNIT P2 Day 5

Day 5

Poem A Day:

Clean lyrics can be found here. (there is one curse word at the end of the song- it is hard to hear it). The song is all about telling your own story and having your own vision of the world. I think it is inspiring as students prepare to engage in research and critical inquiry.


Today’s objective is: Students will understand how to search for and find reliable information in our school’s LLC.

Our fabulous Librarian is taking over today and teaching my kiddos a lesson about doing research in our library. It never hurts to coordinate with your LLC specialist and get your kids into the Library often. They should feel comfortable there- magical things happen in libraries (#englishteacher).

If I did not have this time with our librarian, I would be modeling for the students how I find reliable sources to answer my research question about Zeitoun.

Active Engagement:

Students will begin searching for credible information from sources outside of their nonfiction books in an attempt to answer a self-generated research question (or a few).


Recap/answer any questions.


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