TKMB End of P1 (Days 11-13)

Day 11

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NO Poem-A-Day delayed opening #snow


Introduce the purpose and format of a Socratic seminar- the final assessment for this first part of the unit. 

Active Engagement

Students create open-ended questions for the seminar.


Reminders about final projects and take questions about the seminar

Day 12- work on final projects/prepare for seminar

Day 13

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“Landlocked Blues” Bright Eyes Prompt: Bright eyes discusses walking away from violence in order to end the vicious cycle of hate (a running theme in the course). Who stops the cycle of hate at the end of To Kill A Mockingbird?


Reminders about rules for seminar.

Active Engagement

45 minute Socratic seminar. I literally did not have to speak at all. Kids were so engaged and showed depth of thought that I thought would not be possible upon meeting them only a few months ago. I was observed for this lesson, and here was the feedback (so you don’t have to take my word for it).

“I observed your ‘freshmen” in a Socratic Seminar format discussing To Kill a Mockingbird. Following the script I took you can see the dominant role students played in their “own learning” during this activity. They had questions and then questions upon their questions – they had responses and had the text examples for immediate support – they were effortless in their engagement – they were “into” that novel like they lived in Maycomb. They clearly showed comprehension, close reading commentary, comparison analysis among the characters and events, projection, even to questions about the author’s choice of events and what motivated characters…beyond the textual analysis they discussed a higher level of understanding by applying the moral values and how the events of the story unfolded to expose the purpose — human equality – they had many examples of “coming of age” and how experiencing the “bad stuff” helps them understand life better even if it is the “cruel” side of life. They had full personality portraits of the characters which reflects the well rounded instructional lessons from you that preceded this culminating event. Students found an inner meaning in the novel with very insightful quotes and comments like “Why did the author have Tom shot?” and  “You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…until you climb into his skin…” This was a model lesson – clearly one that reflects some powerful guidance on your part. I commend you for this and for allowing your students to find their own voices and not giving them a formula with which to read this novel but have the liberty to question and probe. This is what learning is about and this is how, in our 21st Century, how it should be taught.”

It was a success, and that is why I decided to publish this unit.

Final Projects:

Here are just a few final projects that were submitted and were amazing. Each reflects depth of knowledge and active engagement.


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