TKAMB UNIT Part 2: #getlit Circles

Part Two. Skill Transfer: #getlit Lit Circles

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This is the second part of this “Coming of Age” unit. This is where I remove a ton of scaffolding in my instruction, and give the reigns to the students. If they can execute what I am asking, then they will show that they did indeed learn the skills we practiced in the first part of the unit. I helped them along with reading To Kill a Mockingbird and led them to finding symbolism, and thinking about conflict, character development and themes. I helped them to find their voices and feel comfortable expressing themselves. Now, it is their turn to show me what they can do without nearly as much guidance. This is the real “assessment” of their learning. Although most of the products of this unit will be entirely created by students, there is still a “mini-lesson” for each day that reviews content and skills we worked in throughout the To Kill a Mockingbird unit. This will help generate content for the students’ work.


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