TKAMB P1 Day 9

Day 9

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“Blackbird” The Beatles

Pop-quiz on the reading homework. Who is the Blackbird in To Kill a Mockingbird? Everyone who read got super emotional- they pointed to lots of good evidence for Tom Robinson


I had to act quickly for this day because a good chunk of students did not read the three chapters. I had chromebooks for this one, thank goodness.

I shared a google slideshow with all students in the class; I had all of the students who had done the assigned reading create a presentation with a summary, important quotes and character development in the assigned reading.

I had the students who did not read on the right side of the room and they read until they were finished. Once they finished reading, they hopped on the presentation and contributed.

Active Engagement

You read that right: I had the entire class collaborate on one slideshow. It was funny and fun and entertaining. And by the end of the class, we looked through the slideshow, we discussed the reading, everyone was sad about Tom Robinson, and we were all back on the same page… literally.


Here are some of the slideshows that came from this activity:

One Class



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