TKAMB P1 Day 5

Day 5

Vanilla Ice: Stop, collaborate and listen graphic design

Kids were starting to get bored with reading during class. Shocker. It really bothers me when kids are bored, so I stepped up my game. The rest of this unit is stellar, in my opinion. And, the data suggests it was wildly successful.


“I Get Out” by Lauryn Hill Connect the song to the novel. Share out.


Introduce today’s collaborative project.

At this point in the novel, students are intimately familiar with the main characters of the novel and they understand the main conflicts. I find that chapters 12-16 do not move the story along too much, but are certainly too valuable to skip out-right.

So, I devised this collaborative activity. 

Active Engagement

Students worked on chromebooks in class, in small groups (3-4) that I assigned. I posted the assignment to Google Classroom.


The presentations are due next class- we will have a quiz as a whole class on all five chapters based on the information presented. (I made the quizzes the day of the presentation).


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