TKAMB P1 Day 3

Day 3

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“I Just Sued the School System” by Prince Ea

This is a video and should be shown. It takes place in a courtroom and speaks students’ language. They loved this one. 😉 This led to a discussion of unjust systems and good people who try to change them (Atticus Finch, much?). Additionally, we discussed Scout’s experience in school- and their experience in school.


Review foreshadowing. As a class we compiled these possible foreshadows (with the gentle and almost undetectable hints from yours truly) on a Google doc. I put a blank sheet up on the smart board, and as students voice their ideas, I type them. Then I post this on Google Classroom so students have access to the notes we created in class. Of course many of them take personal notes in their notebooks.

Active Engagement

Read aloud- chapter 8


Assign chapters 9-10 for homework. Promise a quick quiz for the following class session.


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