TKAMB P1 Day 2

Day 2

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“I Wish I Knew How it Would Feel to be Free” Nina Simone Free Response.


Students share-out responses from their “Racism in America” notebook responses. Review the setting of the novel and briefly discuss the racial tensions in 1930s Alabama. Students should have some prior knowledge here. It is a good way to check. 

Active Engagement:

I found that students were bored and confused by the first chapter of the novel- They had some trouble with the dialect. I decided it would be beneficial for them to hear a read-aloud. My thinking is that if they could hear it and read along, their independent reading will be easier. Also, being read aloud to can raise serotonin in the brain. So, I read aloud chapters 4 & 5 to the kids. (I also passed back essays and short stories from the previous unit today- students engaged in an activity where they used the rubric I used to grade their papers, in teams, to assess a paper that I wrote on the same topic they wrote about. Then, I pass back their papers and they understand their scores better).


Review what has happened so far in the text- I highlight the fact that Scout is a woman reflecting on being 6. They had trouble picking up on that. Also, I highlight Scout and Jem’s relationship in the beginning so we can track how it develops as Jem matures. We talk about the mystery established early on by the introduction of Boo Radley.

Assign chapters 6&7 for HW.


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