#getlit Circles Day 5

Day 5

Image result for take off your sunglasses


“Take of Your Sunglasses” Ezra Furman and the Harpoons

The objective for today’s mini-lesson is to identify and discuss possible symbols in book circle books. This is a great song to get the kids ready for that. After we listen to the song, I prompt students to tackle this PAD in their groups. I ask the groups to discuss what they think the song is about, and to identify the symbols and what the symbols might represent.


Briefly recap some of the symbols used in To Kill a Mockingbird, and their purpose. Model for students those “aha” moments, and show that you have a method for remembering them. Although students in all three of my classes are reading a total of 8 books, in each class there are only 3-6 books being read, so I share out some symbols I found and how I found them in the books that no one in that particular class is reading.

I ask students to spend 5 minutes discussing symbols they have found and what they might mean in their lit circles. Circulate to see how they do.

Active Engagement

Students work on their vlog projects, take quizzes, share poems-a-day, etc.



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