#getlit Circles Day 3

Day 3


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“Young Folks” Peter Bjorn and John

The kids liked this one- it’s catchy. They thought it was very “coming of age” because its about being in-between “old” and “young” and how adolescents can be very self-involved… I promise- those were their responses.


Review expectations for class time. Let students know that there will be a form on Google classroom to fill out about group participation. This is the first day of the unit that students are working on projects- after this day, the mini-lessons kick in to eat up some of the unstructured time.

Active Engagement

Students work work work (I have never overheard so many amazing conversations between students that were self-directed. Students came to class and got into their novels immediately, without me even asking them to get them out. It was amazing. Their discussions about the poems were rich and led to some new insights about the texts. About 60 percent of students are already filming vlogs.

During this time period, I check in with each group, discuss their progress, and whats happening in the books, but honestly, they haven’t needed me much yet.


Make sure you know what your group expects of you before next class.


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