#getlit Circles Day 2

Day 2

Image result for chameleon changing color


“Animal” by Miike Snow- We discussed the concept of trying to fit in, and the conflict of individual vs. society. One of the lyrics in this song is “I change shapes just to hide in this place, but I slip, I’m still an animal. Nobody knows it but me when I slip, but I slip, I’m still an animal.” Reminds me of the high school days.


I explained to students that all their novels will involve this conflict (man vs. society) to some degree and to watch for it. I also gave students this form to fill out in their groups so they could plan their unit. I collected one form per group.

Active Engagement

Students in groups plan their units. Lots of questions came up about the logistics. By the end of the day I had to come up with these quiz requirements because students had no idea how to make a quiz up. Pretty cute, actually. Once they started turning in quizzes, I saw some pretty adorable things, like this question: “Are the sisters close to each other? Yes or No? Explain your answer with at least two pieces of evidence from the text in complete sentences.” Look at her, Englishing like that 😉

We also decided that each person who created a quiz got 100 for that quiz grade. Each student was then motivated to create at least one quiz.

Poem-a-day in groups goes just like in class. The person who chooses the poem shares it with the group and each writes connections to the novels in their notebooks. I will check notebooks at the end of the unit for 4 poem a day entries.


Collect plans- check to make sure they aren’t too ambitious or too lazy.


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