Poem A Day:

Lyrics are here. It’s a great song, and we found metaphors and allusions (nice review).


Today’s objective: writers read looking for ways others writers develop themes. 

I modeled this behavior by showing students how I annotated the first page of my copy of Scarlet Ibis. I showed them the imagery I noticed, the foreshadowing, and the repetition of colors or phrasing.

Then, as a class, students shared out what they noticed, and I collected their responses on a Google doc. I posted this to Google Classroom for students to reference.

Together we attempted to

-identify a theme or themes

and find

-symbolism, imagery and foreshadowing

Active Engagement:

Students engaged in a tremendous feat here- I told them this activity would be rigorous, and it was. They were up for the challenge though, and it was the first time I really knew that this year was going to be special. (spoiler alert: I wasn’t wrong).

Students got into small groups, and tackled three different short stories looking for themes and literary devices authors used to develop those themes. The work was broken down in an fun and interesting way- I certainly had never tried it before. I would do it again with a few tweaks- they needed more time.



We did not really have a proper closure today- the activity ran right up to the bell- but students were so involved in their work, no one packed up until after the bell. This is a pretty good sign that they were engaged in the activity.


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