Poem A Day:

MOTHS by Jennifer O’Grady

 This poem shares some themes and the tone of “Summer Skin”
Students liked the imagery and we discussed possible symbolism of the moths.


Today we discussed how to properly Respond to Literature in my course.  We read this article together as a class and briefly discussed our attitudes toward writing about what we read. Next, we reviewed the role of “conflict” in storytelling. We reviewed types of conflict typically found in literature.

Active Engagement:

Students were asked in the last class to bring a notebook in today for all of their English class work. I supplied composition notebooks for any students who could not afford one or couldn’t bring one for any reason.

After discussing my expectations for responses to literature, we practiced our first response to literature- the focus of this response is “Conflict”.

Students read “The Appalachian Trail” by Bruce Eason and responded to these prompts.


Students discussed their ideas about the central conflicts and it was interesting to see how differently students interpreted the conflicts and the characters in the story and their relationship. We had a whole discussion about reader-response theory which was cool and unexpected.


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